Take Charge of
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One-on-on one and group coaching for people who are ready to feel complete and live a life of joy and satisfaction in all areas.

Whole Person Wellness

Our recipe for the creation of lifelong transformation is rooted in the collaborative partnership with clients to treat the body, mind, and spirit as a whole.

Reiki & Energy Healing

The body’s energy field is important to overall health and balance, so Reiki helps to return wholeness and well-being.

As a mover and shaker who loves your career, your community and most of all, your family, you’re known for “doing it all.” But even YOU become overwhelmed. You don’t like to admit it, but you’re not taking care of your own wellness the way you know you should be, and you haven’t been for some time. Or maybe you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle but you can’t quite get your Self to that next level. You feel like you could use a “restart” button.

That’s where we come in.

Whole Person Wellness
Beyond Homeostasis

Personal Restart is a lifestyle coaching, and health optimization practice founded on the belief that wellness beyond homeostasis only happens when we take charge of our own life and health.

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Veronica Nabizadeh, a natural empath, has a passion to help with all things health and wellness. Her clients come to Veronica ready to change because they want to feel complete joy and satisfaction.

Mind Body Spirit Optimization

Through our codified mind body spirit optimization system, we work together with our able and willing clients to help them become the best version of themselves.
Our Services

Personal Restart offers coaching, education, and state-of-the art natural and organic ways to heal and optimize a body, as well as traditional medical services  – helping our clients become the best versions of themselves, so they show up 100% for every stage of their life and win.

Wellness & Life Coaching

Our coach employs a process that removes ambivalence and apathy so sustainable change can occur

Reiki & Pressure Point Therapy

The body’s energy field is important to overall health and balance, so Reiki helps to return wholeness and well-being

Nutrition & Supplements

Your nutritional choices shape your health, state of mind, energy, vitality, and hence your decisions.

Whole Person Medicine

Curated education, cutting-edge coaching and state-of-the-art natural ways to heal and optimize a body

Medical Marijuana

If we determine that medical marijuana is a viable option for you, we offer continuing treatment support

BHRT for Optimal Aging

Optimum aging exists when our external presentation, function, and presence, matches our internal compass

Meet Coach

Veronica L. Nabizadeh, ESQ, NBC-HWC

Veronica L. Nabizadeh, ESQ, NBC-HWC

CEO & Co-Founder

Veronica is about all things health and wellness. She is a strategic advocate and interventionist in the areas of life, relationship and health. A Florida licensed non-practicing attorney, she has over 20 years of experience in business development, human resource management, employee training and development, risk management and marketing. Veronica is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, she has studied with Tony Robbins and is a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach.

What Our Clients Say

"Veronica is Heaven Sent for everyone whose lives she touches! She is such a blessing and the next generation of loving leaders and inspirers.❤️💛💚💙💜🧡"

– Jane W., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"I appreciate how Veronica effortlessly takes in all that I share with her, creating such a safe space to explore my thoughts and concerns. Through our conversations, I feel inspired to challenge myself to become more of the me that I want to be and confident in doing so thanks to her compassionate and wise support."

– S.L. Adelaide, Australia

"...She has helped me and my son tremendously and I forever will be grateful to her. Veronica is an amazing Life Coach, Relationship Coach and a health and Wellness Coach and an Attorney! She has helped me get through my divorce, and helped me to focus and stay the course on many of my own challenges. If you are in a dark place, Veronica will help you find your light switch."

– Edna L., Redondo Beach, CA

"...I have a high stress career and have to be on top of thigs, dealing with upset people on a daily basis. Working with Veronica has taught me invaluable tools to handle AND remove issues, which were in the way of my best version. I am a better friend, a better sister, a better person, and a better attorney because of Veronica!..."

Sema Y., Esquire Tampa Bay, FL

"I’m a Psychiatrist and do a lot of self analysis as a part of my everyday life. I’m not sure how I’d classify Veronica because she’s an Attorney, mother, wife, and coach of everything. In the short period of time we have been working together, much has shifted in terms of my thought process. I walk through life much taller and with a confidence that I always thought I had, but now it’s genuine."

E. Lazarou, M.D. Tampa Bay, FL

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