Nutrition and Supplements

Your nutritional choices shape your health, state of mind, energy, vitality, and hence your decisions. The right food should be recognized as the primary medicine, and be regarded as the body’s basic cure.

Healthier Living

When it comes to food and supplements, the world has become a maze which does not lead to where you want to get to.

The synthetic, genetically manufactured, and pesticide-laden food industry does not have our health’s best interest at heart.

To add to the chaos, we now know that the term “organic” is not what it was intended to be and not what we were led to believe and to rely on, to improve the quality and safety of our nutrition for our families.

​It is not a friendly environment out there. We know that all too well, so Personal Restart has designed a friendly journey for you as you head toward whole health.

“At Personal Restart, we know that THE solution for you, is as unique and individualized as you are. For it to succeed, it must be tailored to your goals and dreams, your genetic identity, and your bio-chemical construct, its time line, and how it has been shaped through your physical and psychological lifelong experiences.”

Our Approach and Philosophy

Through our comprehensive physical, chemical, and psychological assessment, we will gain the collaborative insight into your needs, deficiencies, and the true root cause of where you stand at this point in time. We know that one answer never fits all.

Genetic Food Tolerances

By unraveling your genetic food tolerances, we will further gain knowledge into the food combinations that would best serve you. We will, based on your needs and identified deficiencies, recommend outstanding Nutraceutical Supplements, chosen for their unmatched organic purity, bio-availability, and lack of adverse effects, to naturally and harmoniously return your body to 100% efficient performance.

So How Do We Start?

Our nutritional optimization journey, involves three associated and overlapping processes:

  1. Removing the Toxic and Allergenic, synthetic and inflammatory foods from your system
  2. Replacing/Rebalancing micronutrients reservoir, having identified your Nutritional Deficiencies through extremely intricate and Comprehensive Bio-Marker Evaluation, and all along
  3. Repairing the once chaotic and confused Digestive, Immune and Metabolic Systems

Accomplishing the above 3, simply put, will unshackle your body’s miraculous chemical factory, and unleash your natural healing powers, allowing it to freely produce energy, and for that energy to be used for healing, cleansing, repairing and detoxification.

“You will be amazed how very simple changes, could bring about Positive Change in your energy, out look, appearance and longevity, Reverse the chronic disabling bodily Dis-eases that have weighed you and your quality of life down, and give you that Massive Transformation that we call, your Personal Restart.”

Are YOU Ready for a Personal Restart?

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