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Our groundbreaking DNA test will change the way you think about fitness and nutrition forever

Uncover Your Nutritional and Exercise Instruction Manual

Think about how easy and stress free school, interviews, and exams would be if your study guide always told you exactly what to study for and how to prepare yourself for an upcoming test. And, that if you did actually follow that study guide, how easily could you ace your test?

At Personal Restart we will do exactly that…we can help you uncover your nutritional and exercise instruction manual, and take the guesswork out of what works for you, whatever your goals may be, from losing weight, gaining muscle, becoming a better athlete, increasing your energy and endurance level, or optimizing your nutritional and vitamin status, so you will succeed in addressing the root cause of any health challenges that you may be facing.

Your success will come much easier, with no undue cost or sacrifice to your health or quality of life, as you feed, treat, demand, and expect from your body, based on a regimen established following the foot steps of your genetically determined physical and chemical tolerances, capacities, and parameters.

Nutritional and Exercise GPS System

Using the advanced genetic decoding technology, we will be able to set for you the general, however unique and individualized to your needs, guidelines and construct within which you will succeed most efficiently and sustainably, as your choices will be in line with and authentic toward your nutritional and physical capacities. We will be able to provide you with a Nutritional and Exercise GPS system so you may reach your desired destination without frequent or costly detours.​

The above, along with insight gathered into your needs, health history, deficiencies, and goals, using comprehensive physical, nutritional and bio-chemical workup, and with the help of most advanced health, life and wellness coaching techniques, will allow us to best guide you toward your desired health optimization and personalized transformation.

At Personal Restart, we have given ourself the mission and the critical task to reduce the life style generated illnesses amongst diverse populations by Demystifying the steps required for successful change. We are committed not only to give you hope and inspire you to believe in yourself, but also to educate and support you so you can succeed in ultimate challenge of your lifetime personal transformation to the best you can and should be.

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