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Our Bodies’ Check-Engine Lights

Our resilient, amazing, wow spiring, and never quitting physical body, is a miracle of neurochemically driven, emotional charged energy producing factory. This incredible always moving temple, communicates ever so subtly with us, indicating gentle hints of our episodic “check engine lights” being turned on the dashboard.

Unfortunately, in the busy, chaotic, demanding and distracting world we live in, we have been the target of numerous of chemical, physical and emotional insults, to the point that we not only ignore those subtle hints and consider them as “normal” part of living, but also we have forgotten to even know how it is to be and feel normal in our own skin!! Our physical system, does not provide us with monthly reports so we may adjust our behavior toward it accordingly and it may be years before the alarm of our bodies sound loudly enough for us to take notice of it.

Our partnership with Spectracell allows our clients to have access to one of the most advanced Biomarker measuring tools in the industry, at no to minimal cost to our clients. Its a gift to anyone who is searching for their Personal Restart.

We Cannot Afford to Ignore the Status of Our Being

At Personal Restart, we have partnered with Spectracell Laboratories to do just that: Bring in to our clients’ attention their bodies’ nutritional, neurochemical, hormonal and cardiometabolic report card, much earlier than the health disaster that may be lurking around the corner and when there is time left to correct the deficiencies, optimize the imbalances and reclaim the stability and reserves that will bring back the quality that is deserving of the word Living.

We have the capacity to not only look into the available levels of the chemical and nutritional catalysts in the circulating blood stream, but also to ascertain the level inside the cellular structure, where the their presence means the most.

We can measure comprehensive panels of trace minerals, Vitamins, anti-oxidants. The Cardiometabolic panels give us ability to fully understand and appreciate our clients’ sugar, cholesterole and fatty acid metabolism, where the causes of Metabolic Syndrome and cardiovascular diseases hide in plain sight.

​We measure the most complete Thyroid panel, determining if our organs and cells go to work with adequate enthusiasm. And, with our comprehensive hormonal panel, for men and women, we address the deficiencies that bring back the normal balance not only to our cells but to our lives.

Our typically run comprehensive panel, includes 77 Biomarkers, an amazing report that speaks volumes in how our clients’ bodies are functioning, are treated and what they are in need of.

At Personal Restart, investigating into our clients nutritional and chemical balance, is one of the first integral steps into repairing, reclaiming and restarting their physical and emotional healing.

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