Conventional Medicine Alone Could Not Save Us

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Sustainable Habits & Routines

As a medical doctor, patients, friends and people come to me for simple answers and solutions – they want me to impart my, lets call it, wisdom onto them. In fact, I wonder if that is why you’ve come to our blog – hoping that I can impart my “wisdom” as a doctor on to you.

But, I’m not going to do that. Because, simply put, it can not be done. We all know, deep inside, that’s not how this works.

I, as a physician with more than 20 years of experience taking care of more than 30,000 bodies, lives and minds, can teach you the mechanics, techniques and pathways of becoming and staying healthy. I can even share my experiences, knowledge and may be even my logic. But knowledge, experience, mechanics and logic are only the first steps toward gaining wisdom.

Wisdom needs to spring out from inside YOU.

We chose Personal Restart as the name of our practice, as we intended it to be all about rediscovering and uncovering the hidden opportunity, the capacity and the chance to reinvent, recreate and restart in every one of our clients—as many times as it takes–so they may get to experience living their life as the best version of themselves.

The goal is to allow each and every one of our clients to tap into their own hidden, tired, repressed or forgotten wisdom (Their TURNED OFF GPS) so they may choose their paths wisely. At Personal Restart, we not only will help you show you where you EXACTLY are from physical, physiological and chemical stand point, but we will also light up the road ahead of you, so you avoid the potholes.

The First step toward any change is recognizing the NEED for change.

We need to recognize and accept whether we are in a “rut”, (emotionally, spiritually or physically), or the fact that we are not living up to our potential, or we look at ourselves and NOT like how we feel, function and present.

I will tell you a story about the moment that we (my wife and I) “looked” and did not like what we saw–the birth of our own Personal Restart

About 7 years ago, my wife Veronica and I were visiting my parents’ house after a long day of travel. As new parents of an infant, we were tired and well vested into our seats on the couch.

We were WORN DOWN.

Sweat was beading up on my forehead as I was winded from carrying our luggage into the house.

As we sat there, we couldn’t help but notice the buzzing and energy filling the home. There was a wonderful aroma drifting from the kitchen. The small apartment was light, airy, and clean. Our luggage had disappeared. Water had been served. A plate of fresh vegetables and dewy fruit sat on the table in front of us. My parents, 90+ years old, were circling around, taking care of our needs – full of life with no matter of resistance.

How could that be? Where had we strayed off the course of vigor and vitality so far?

We, the new parents in the prime of our lives should feel the energy of the universe around us, NOT beaten by it to submission. It was time for change.

So, how would we change? And how would you?

The second step toward change is believing that you CAN.

And yes, living a healthy lifestyle, for the UN-initiated seems like a lot of work, and it truly is a continuous commitment.

The daily choices we make have direct effects on our health and it is up to us to make more healthy than unhealthy decisions–tilting the balance towards a positive YOU–one at a time, day by day, it will make the choosing the next healthy path easier and less overwhelming.

We are not victims of circumstances, but choices.

For me, my true-North in staying healthy has been my family. I owe it to them to take care of myself. And I know that if I keep them at the forefront of my thoughts and daily decisions, then I will continue to make the right choices, and my right choices inspire the right choices of those around me.

You need to find your true north as well.

At Personal Restart, we will be your partner in identifying exactly where you are, your deficiencies, your needs, and hand hold you through re-starting your life force.

Yes, we do offer an array of traditional and integrative modalities. We employ the use of PRP, IV nutrition, nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, medical marijuana, nutritional guidance, genetic testing and life, relationship and health and wellness coaching.

BUT the most vital part of our success comes from YOUR BELIEF AND COMMITMENT.

Wellness beyond homeostasis only happens when we take charge of our own health.

What steps have you taken to take charge of your own health? Please comment below to get the conversation started!

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