Embarrassing Self-Care Mistakes YOU Can Learn From

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Mindset & Lifestyle

I needed a Personal Restart – maybe you do, too?

Since this is our first blog post, let me begin by expressing our deepest gratitude to you for reading it and by offering you a heartfelt welcome to Personal Restart, a whole person medical wellness practice. I’m going to share something a little private and a bit embarrassing. I hope that by sharing my story, it will help you in some way.

I have a feeling that you might want or need a Personal Restart, as I did.

But, before I begin telling you about my journey, I need to tell you that Personal Restart is a practice comprised of me, the health and wellness coach and my husband, the whole person medical doctor.

We founded this company through love and our own personal transformations.

I married for love. Thank God. Marriage is hard and complicated. So much so, that if we marry for anything but love, we are in deep doodoo.

I have been happily married for almost 20 years. The majority of those years, however, had been pretty painful.

No lie, but all mainly due to my inability to “handle” things that life threw my way to eventually choosing maladaptive behaviors which led to a whole new cascade of health issues – my self care “mistakes” stemmed from my simply being too caught up in life’s ups and downs to even realize that I was not caring enough about myself.

I married outside of my Mexican-American Heritage and dove deeply into my husband’s beautiful Persian culture. As a proud American of Mexican Heritage, family life is important. We gather often. We are loud and love to eat.

However, I wasn’t prepared to handle the expectations and obligations of my new Persian family and this caused a tremendous amount of discord between me and my husband. My self-care mistake? Coping with this unexpected discord by crying and eating.

There went the first 3 years of my marriage. I gained 50 pounds.

I also hadn’t planned that my own family would provide their own set of drama. Combine family conflict, with being a newly married couple, starting a business, becoming new homeowners, and starting law school all within the same time frame. Then, sprinkle in having absolutely no life coping skills. Well, I’m sorry to say, life sucked for a while.

I was in my early 30s, so my body, even though I was betraying it daily, didn’t show signs of failing or aging.

There went 3 more years. I gained 50 more pounds. Yes. I am embarrassed to admit this. I gained 100 pounds and lost all self-worth, self-control, self-pride. The list of losses continued, but I’ll save that for next time otherwise this post will become a tome.

Well, where do you re-start when you’ve had 10 years of marriage, 10 years of developing bad coping skills, 10 years of combining all of my junk with all of my husband’s stuff and creating this enormous contagion of aberration?

We started by reading, going to courses, attending conferences, getting even more credentialed and meeting amazing thought leaders. Then Shahriar and I both looked inward at our own personal mind-body-spirit balance, or lack thereof.

We dug deep and turned our mistakes into solutions. Began applying what we’d learned to each other, then to our patients, and lo and behold, we came up with a system to help one repair ones life.

To date, I have lost 90 pounds, have optimized my hormones, have amazing sleeps and can effectively communicate and finish my sentences. Most importantly, I have learned some amazing life skills.

I am a board certified health and wellness coach, a strategic interventionist life coach, relationship coach, reiki artist and Level 1 QiGong instructor. I also have extensive knowledge in medicinal uses in herbal and aromatherapy. I’m very proud of my personal restart journey and want you to know that if I can do it, you can do it, too.

Personal Restart is about doing what I have done (and am still doing) – turning mistakes into solutions and repairing ones life.

My husband is a board certified 25 year veteran of physical medicine and rehabilitation, now with extensive experience and expertise in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, neutriceuticals and nutritional counseling, genetic counseling and soon will be delivering PRP-platelet-rich plasma therapy in office. He has his own personal restart journey. And though I tend to be the mouthpiece for Personal Restart, he will share his own story soon.

We meet you where you are and provide you with solutions to help you up-level your whole beautiful life. Sometimes that means getting your health back to homeostasis, sometimes it means tweaking your eating, sleeping and exercise habits. Sometimes it means healing your leaky gut, helping you reach your ideal weight.

It most definitely means learning about your relationships, your work and social life. It’s absolutely means you will be learning practical life coping skills, and how to communicate your wants and needs to your spouse, children, family members, boss, and friends.

Personal Restart offers an array of traditional and integrative modalities. We employ the use of PRP, IV nutrition, nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, nutritional guidance, genetic testing and life, relationship and health and wellness coaching.

You up-level your health and learn how to incorporate workable solutions so that you can show up for your life, 100%.

Being in community with individuals undergoing transformation as you are is beneficial in more ways than one. In what ways have you turned your own mistakes into solutions? Please comment below to let us know!

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